The following recordings are live sessions that Exposure Live have organised to showcase the talents of the city in a more intimate way. The live sessions are performed live on radio and remain unedited for you to listen to again.

All of the recordings were recorded in the studio facilites at the local polytechnic university. They were very kind and donated their unique studio facility to us for 3 years. The recordings are taken to Nottingham for mixing and are then put online.

We'll be taking bookings for live sessions again soon, we're looking at venues now. Please contact us to take part.

Sessions are taken away and mixed after your performance, so wait around 2 weeks to see your new recordings online.

The Dandilions

Listen again to The Dandilions' studio live session

Jamie Says

Listen again to Jamie Says' studio live session

James Kelly

Listen again to James Kelly's studio live session


Listen again to Ist's Exposure Live session on Fuss FM

El Mahico

Listen again to El Mahico's studio live session

The Utopians'

Listen again to The Utopians' studio live session

Buckshot Soup

Listen again to Buckshot Soup's studio live session

The Chairmen

Listen again to The Chairmen's studio live session

The Carnabys

Listen again to The Carnabys' studio live session

Andrew Hill

Listen again to Andrew Hill's studio live session

The Manhattan Project

Listen again to The Manhattan Project's studio live session

Joel Owen

Listen again to Joel Owen's studio live session

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