Lloyd and The Wilderness

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Recorded by Exposure Live, broadcasted on Demon FM 9th December 2009

There was once a young man called Lloyd. He was born and raised in a grey industrial town just north of London called Luton. Having lived through a very happy childhood and some sincerely mischievous teenage antics he decided it was time to move on from his hometown and took a train to the capital.

Though some of his happiest times were had in the two years that followed, one day Lloyd got tired of the push, shove, squabble and squalor of London life and with a heavy heart made the decision to leave behind some of the most wonderful people he had ever met. He returned briefly to the town he was born in and from there made his way north on foot.

After walking for weeks he found himself in a dense wilderness. All of a sudden to his complete surprise the very forest floor came alive and all the trees burst into blissful harmony.

Now everywhere Lloyd goes he seems to meet a near constant stream of amazingly talented beautiful people who have helped to make this dark Wilderness into something bright and new.


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