One Dog Clapping








Recorded by Exposure Live, broadcasted on Fuss FM 18th July 2008

One Dog Clapping is the home recordings of Flipdog, currently involved in a mammoth documentation project of the 'alternate' universe known as Entropy House. The latest in this series is Luna Takes Asylum, a quite grumpy album that is nevertheless groovy, lyrical, dense and also, ultimately, positive. .. .. It's the 3rd release this year.

Like all One Dog Clapping albums, it was recorded entirely at home, after kiddy bedtime, and as such, is entirely unsuited to those who like their music manufactured, massaged, and pre-approved by focus groups. Such people are encouraged to go elsewhere. .... Think Lo-fi with ambition. Shitgaze that isn’t shit. Pop music for the conscious. .... This is music that will be made anyway, regardless of consequence, so it may as well be made available.

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