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About Exposure Live

Exposure Live promotes and showcases live music and performance. Having recorded over seventy studio live sessions and broadcast over 500 hours during our live radio show, we also cover festivals and hold our own events to showcase artists.

Set up in 2008, we have been recording studio sessions, festival bootlegs and interviews to help raise awareness of the rich music scene Leicester has to offer. Our passion has always been for live music and helping venues, promoters and hard working musicians to get recognised for their talents.

Not only giving a unique platform for real talent, signed or unsigned, Exposure Live gives practical experience to aspiring studio engineers, journalists, photographers and others who share our passion for live performance. As final years students when we established Exposure Live, we understood the importance of work experience and have helped many graduates to improve their portfolio.

With a range of resources at hand, Exposure Live is able to offer music programming, live sound and events planning, studio engineering and mastering across the East Midlands as well as training, photography and video and has some very exciting projects lined up. We work with many different people, communities and organisations and are more than happy to help whenever we can so please do get in touch if you'd like talk about any of our services or would like some advice.

How to enjoy this site

This website is designed as a platform to showcase the musical and performance talent within one city. So choose an artist, turn up your speakers and enjoy the sounds of Leicester brought to you by Exposure Live.

Listen online to musicians' studio live session tracks and festival recordings. Submit demos, keep up to date and join our mailing list. Here you can access quality music recorded live for Leicester, absolutely free. We hope that you enjoy it!

The Team

We have a dedicated team working hard for local music, all of which are professional freelancers in their own right. We are always looking to get more people involved so if you have a passion for music and performance and you have some ideas then please get in touch.

Natalie co-ordinates Exposure Live and is the main first point of contact. Working as a freelance photographer she has worked with magazines, charities, arts organisations and the local university to provide training in radio, broadcasting and business. “I love live music and real talent so it’s great to help promote the hardworking musicians in the city!”

Tom Dodds has worked on the project since 2008, creating revisions of the site every year to host all the recordings. He also put his fair share of graft into recording nearly all of the artists on the site, mixing the live sessions, creating the radio production, running around the city with mics and doing some of the branding work over the years. You'd find him wrapped in cables broadcasting a gig around the city from a tabletop, dangling mics from ceilings and editing, always editing.

There are so many people that have brought this project together, we'll form an exhaustive list soon. So many presenters, interviewers, crew, venues, radio stations, runners, retailers, the list goes on. We would like to thank absolutely everyone who has contributed to the project and continue to keep us firmly on Leicester's live music radar.

If you'd like to get involved then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Exposure Live began as a music radio show on Fuss FM in 2008, recording over 20 bands and artists in just two weeks. This became the birth of Exposure Live and the team worked hard to build a website for people to listen to the studio sessions.

By 2009 Exposure Live had an evening show five days a week on DemonFM featuring a weekly live session, interviews and guest presenters. The website was then redeveloped to include all of the new content (which there was a lot of!). As time went on the broadcasting was reduced to a weekly show focused on live sessions, interviews and music from festivals and events to allow more time to develop the ever-growing website.

In March 2009 we established Exposure Live as a not-for-private-profit social enterprise, determined to help promote and showcase local talent, music and festivals and offer real experience to local and deserving students and graduates. We have since won awards for our 'business' ideas and hard work including:

    Creative Leicestershire Award
    Business Venture Competition Overall Winner
    Enterprise Incubation Programme Award
    Microsoft Life Academy IE8 Finalist

As our involvement in the City grew we decided to focus more on the website and no longer do the radio show but will be producing more podcasts, video sessions, interviews and bootleg recordings. We have now recorded over seventy studio live sessions, fifteen festivals, produced professional studio productions and held our own events and over five-hundred hours of live radio broadcasts across the city. We hope that people can enjoy our recordings and get to know more bands and musicians through the site then go and enjoy them live at a gig!



Exposure Live works with many different organisations, venues, promoters and groups in Leicester and Nottingham, some of our partners and collaborators include:

Formation Audio
The Leicester Music Collective
Leicester Fringe Festival
White Noise Festival


For more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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